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The following patchs are available for the  BEST version 3.10

WARNING : This patch works only with BEST v3.10 release and may not work with previous version of software.

Installation notes :

  • Download the archive named "" on your computer where XXX means the target platform.
  • Copy the dowloaded file into the BEST installation directory, for example : $INSTALL_PATH/BEST (where $INSTALL_PATH refers to the installation folder)
  • Shut down your BEST software
  • Unzip the file "" and replace all existing files
  • Restart your BEST software, then the splash screen of BEST must display the version 3.10.x
P.S. 1 : All previous installed patch are taken into account by the last current patch.

P.S. 2 : The patchs are specific for a platform.

P.S. 3 : On LINUX system, you have to change right access of binaries using the command "chmod +x [filename]".

Patch BEST 3.10.1 (build 2020.06.02)
Windows Platform 32 bits (Windows 7) Linux Platform 64 bits
Download Not available

New changes and improvment provided in above patch can be seen here.