DEBAT - Development of EAST Based Access Tools


Installation instruction


  • On Windows XP-2000

To install the tools, double click on ".exe" archive file and follow the steps of the installation process.

To launch the application, double clic on the icon named BEST vX.Y located on your desktop

WARNING : The default installation path provided during the installation may be "c:\Program files". This path is not valid because of the space character contained, please select a new installation directory without any space characters.


To install the tools, just use the following command in a console:

            java -jar BEST_JAR_FILE.jar

Follow the steps of the installation process.

In order to finish the installation, several environment variables needs to be set. Please refer to the README file available in the installation directory of BEST software.

To launch the tool, double click on the icon if created or launch the following command <install directory>/bin/bestLauncher